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Take a look at the best crypto sites I’ve been using every day for years. The list is updated every day so that only trusted pages are on the list. If a non-paying page appears on the list, please let me know.

slika Home page

For Faucet beginners

Follow the instructions and easily earn up to $ 50 a week

Click on the link below and register on all the recommended sites and start earning crypto coins. If you need help, you can contact me.

Faucet - List

We know different types of faucets, some pay off immediately or when you reach the amount required.

Crypto - Exchange

To collect faucets, it is good to have several accounts open in online exchanges.

Casino - Sports betting

Here you will find great sites for fun or for extra earnings.

PTC - Sites

PTC sites are great for earning coins or US dollars, just just look at the ads and make money.

Ad - Networks

If you own a website, you can find pages where you can advertise or monetize your site.

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